“Locations from the open sea to the highest mountain”.

Locations in Canary Islands could be quite challenging.

After more than 15 years of providing catering services in the Canary Islands we are used and confident to any type of locations and situations.

You can count on our services on all the Canary Islands.

“Great and healthy food”

Shooting days are always very long and squeeze out your energy.

For that reason our idea is to prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious food for you to make you feel good and powerful for the whole day.

“We will take maximum care of you”

Nowadays, food has become more and more important.

For this reason we will take care about all specific types of nutrition.

Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, nuts-free, keto, dairy-free just to name some…

Always working with fresh, local and high quality products is what we are chasing for.

“Loyalty is at the core of our values”

We understand the unique demands of productions, films, and shootings, and we are committed to being your steadfast partner.

With our unwavering support and dedication, we always have your back.  Our expert chefs create balanced and nourishing meals that fuel their energy and enhance productivity.

Trust Toma-te Catering to provide the loyal support and good nutrition your team needs for seamless and successful productions.

“We are committed to sustainability”

Embracing practices like recycling and reducing the use of plastics.

With us, you can savor the flavors of tradition while knowing that we prioritize the well-being of the environment. Experience our catering services, where delicious cuisine and environmental responsibility come together harmoniously.

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“Drop us a line and we will find something suitable for you”